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Advanced Technical Support – For a fixed monthly fee, Clients have telephone access to i400 IBM Certified Expert engineers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week including holidays. Support includes assistance with problem determination and resolution, access to PTF information as provided by software vendor, and consultation advice on technical matters related to the computer operations. With Customer's explicit permission, i400 may remotely access customer's systems to determine the problem and work with Client staff to resolve the issue.

Basic Technical Support – Same as Advanced Technical Support above except that support is available 8 am to 5 pm Customer's time zone for a lower monthly cost.

Installation Quick Start – i400 Technology will work with your staff to develop a detailed installation plan. We will act as the “customer” in IBM's Customer Installable Feature (CIF) program. The system will be racked in your data center, and the operating system and system values customized to your needs. We will integrate the system into your network and configure the IP settings to talk to the world as required. A complete installation for a fixed price.

Quarterly On-Site Service – Get a monthly or quarterly on site services for such hands on things as OS upgrades, PTF application, System Tuning or general consulting services. Service Time can be accumulated or paid for extra if larger blocks of time are needed.

Remote Operations – Why hire an iSeries administrator when you can have an expert do the administrative work remotely for a lot less? Let one if iSeries engineers do the administration from our offices. No need to cover for time when you staff is not available. Services includes things such as creating User Profiles, monitoring for messages and job failures, backup scheduling, and overall system tuning.

High Availability Support/Services – If you have Vision's MIMIX high availability software running, do you really know if things are being done 100%? Let our engineers that have installed the product dozens of times maintain your replication. We can monitor the replication on a constant basis and correct items that go out of synch. We can also work with your staff to correct the most common underlying items that cause replication problems. You also get telephone support for your staff if you do want to maintain the replication yourself. 24 hour per day, 7 days per week – our engineers are available to help you solve your MIMIX replication issues.

Virtualization Support/Services – Using only the best-of-class virtualization software, our engineers can help you reduce your overall IT hardware and operating budget through Server Consolidation. We can collect performance information on your existing multitude of single application servers and recommend a new configuration that makes multiple use of servers while increasing reliability and availability.

System Upgrade Services – Upgrade your iSeries Hardware or Operating System – our engineers have done so many upgrades that we've lost count. Our IBM Certified engineers have been doing hardware and operating systems since the B models were running V1R1. Now we're doing the toughest upgrade since CISC-to-RISC in the 90's – V6R1. It's not for the feint of heart. IBM does NOT ship the PTFs with the operating system (stopped in about 2001) so our engineers will download the latest PTFs and install them on your system as part of the upgrade. Our engineers don't stop until the upgrade is done and your system is back in operation.

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