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Brad Ford, founder and President of i400 Technology, has been in the computer industry since 1973. His work on the iSeries, started in 1988 on the IBM model 38-700. The data center in Pomona, CA was one of the first AS/400s delivered in Los Angeles in 1989 and he has been an expert on the system ever since. While too modest to say he is at the top of his field, he is one of only about 10 people in the country that work on writing IBM's Certification Exams for the iSeries.

Now based in Utah, i400's team of engineers have been doing Technical Support for the iSeries since working for one of the largest IBM Premier Business Partners in the county in 1992. Following that same standard of excellence, these engineers are geared to getting the best solution to the client's problem in the shortest practical time.

One hallmark of i400 Technology's Technical Support is that we don't use a call center somewhere else in the world. Our engineers pick up the phone directly. We don't require the a customer number to open a call we know our customers on a first name basis. In most cases, the engineer that installed your system is the one providing technical support. Who would know the system better than they would?

We have partnered with several IBM Premier Business Partners to provide IBM POWER Systems hardware as well as xSeries Windows and Linux based systems. We also partner with the best-in-class networking security hardware providers to provide network infrastructure hardware and support.

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